Blended Families: Challenges and Rewards – FSOD 014

Today, Susan talks with Melissa Marks, who has her own podcast – Blended Family Podcast – about her personal journey with her blended family.

Melissa Marks’ bio from her website:

I am just a mom trying to make everything work. I am a mother of four, with two biological children, and two bonus children. One big blended family who loves, fights, cries, and shares together. The truth is, it has not been an easy road trying to mix two families together. It takes a lot of patience, love, and work. I am certainly not complaining, because as hard as it can be, it can be equally as beautiful. Over the years, we have grown a bunch and learned a lot, and yes, we are still a work in progress. One thing I have figured out for sure, All you need is love!

I want to help your blended family create the life at home that you have always dreamed of, and to learn how to find joy in the process. I want you to celebrate the small victories, and move past the large challenges. Let’s take this journey together!



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