Holiday Preparations: Put up the Tree, Buy Gifts, Hire Your Divorce Lawyer? – FSOD 009

Divorce filings spike after the new year. Even people who know they intend to divorce often put off the deed until after the holidays. After all, with relatives in town and the pressure for “Happy Holidays”, it’s sometimes just easier to play Scarlett O’Hara and think about everything “tomorrow”.

Easier, perhaps, but not as useful. Most of us claim that we are pressed for time, particularly at holiday time. But, if you really count up the amount of hours whiled away on the computer, it’s not hard to see that computer time can be research time.

Attorney web sites offer great information about the divorce laws in your state and what is required to actually begin the divorce process, especially regarding finances.

Preparation is the key to forging a working relationship with the right attorney. Listen and learn how to prepare.

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