North To Alaska : What’s different about divorce in our 49th state?

Divorce Law In Alaska, An Interview with Kara A. Nyquist, Attorney – 50 Shades of Divorce Episode 15

Nuggets of information from my interview with Kara Nyquist of Nyquist Family Practice in Alaska.

All states have different rules/statutes in family law practice. Generally speaking, though, most of the statutes are comparable to each other. For example, your state might call issues regarding children “share time”, “child custody”, “parenting time”, etc.; but they are similar. However, some statutes are unique to a particular state, such as the custody/domestic violence statute in Alaska.

So, learn about that and learn what it is like to practice family law in our 49th state. ( Do you know the state capitol?)

My expert today has a particularly compelling story about her journey to law school and her journey to Alaska. Read her bio below and listen!


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
University of Washington, 1995
Juris Doctorate
Seattle University School of Law, 2000

  • Admitted to Practice Law by the Alaska Supreme Court in 2000.
  • Admitted to Practice Law in the United States Federal District in Alaska in 2000.
  • Member in Good Standing with the Alaska Bar Association since 2000.
  • Member of the American Bar Association since 2000.
  • Former Presidential Appointments to American Bar Association Commissions.
  • Former District Representative for Alaska & Hawaii to American Bar Association.
  • Former Fellow to General and Sole Practitioner Division, American Bar Association.
  • Previously Selected as Top 40 Under 40 by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and Alaska Journal of Commerce.
  • Co-Chair Family Law Section Alaska Bar Association
  • Former Co-Chair Unbundled Section Alaska Bar Association
  • Mom and Married to Military Service Member

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